The 14 Magnificent Verbs

14 Magnificent Verbs cover

The 14 Magnificent Verbs are made up of a group of some of the more commonly used verbs in Spanish. These verbs possess some very specific conjugation rules and they are also irregular along with their derivatives. Removing these verbs from the general verb group helps makes the construction and study of their conjugation patterns much easier.
Learn to conjugate them and your understanding of Spanish will greatly improve.

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ISBN EPUB: 978-84-937706-5-5
Title: The 14 Magnificent Verbs
Authors: Elisa Borsari, Liliana Meek Palomino, Tamara Orozco Herreros
Translators: Chloe Barnes, Susannah Tarrant
Series: The Spanish Verbs 3
Format: e-pub

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