Special Verbs

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Vamos a ver si esta frase es la que hay que dar a los que están aprendiendo.

As well as the other verbs looked at up until now, there are six more verbs and their derivatives (although there aren’t many of these) which have to be studied outside of the other patterns.

Get to know them! Using them correctly will show that you are an adept speaker of the Spanish language!

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ISBN EPUB: 978-84-940716-5-2
Title: Special Verbs
Authors: Elisa Borsari, Aitor Ruiz Fajardo, Valentín Calero Pérez de las Yeguas
Translators: Chloe Barnes, Susannah Tarrant
Series: The Spanish Verb 4
Format: e-pub

 Price: 1,20€ VAt inc.