Learn to conjugate the Spanish Verb

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Are you interested in languages in their purest state?
Do you want to know the basic structure behind Spanish verb conjugations?
Do you want to learn Spanish?

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions, Welcome to our team!
In your hands you hold a book made for visionaries, students striving to know more,
and teachers who want to have all the answers at the ready to pass on to their pupils.
Moreover, it’s one that we have made with enthusiasm and affection,
with the hope of it being useful to you and that you have fun as you are learning.

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Product Details:

Title: Learn to conjugate the Spanish Verb
Authors: Elena Álvarez, Daniel Ayuso, Eduardo Basterrechea, Elisa Borsari, José Calvo, César Gutiérrez, Miguel Ortega, Alejandro de Pablos, Rubén Pérez, Luz Rello y Aitor Ruiz
Translators: Chloe Barnes, Susannah Tarrant
Designed by: Artedv, Eduardo Basterrechea, Elisa Borsari, Alejandro Decinti
ISBN PDF: 978-84-940716-0-7
Collection: Molino de Ideas Library, 1
Format: PDF
Dimensions: 21 x 14 cm; Pages: 144 pp.